ABOUT Andy Chase

Andy Chase is a New York-based musician and producer. He is best known as a member of the band Ivy, and has co-produced and co-written all of the music on Ivy's five critically acclaimed albums, as well as Ivy's score for the Farrelly Brothers movie "Shallow Hal", and Ivy's song I'll Be Near You for the film "Bee Season" (Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche). Ivy’s music has appeared in over 100 TV shows and films worldwide and the band remains today one of the most licensed indie pop groups in the country. Brookville is Chase’s other, most recent band. Under the moniker Brookville Chase – singing lead vocals - has recorded two albums and toured the world extensively.

As a producer, Chase has enjoyed huge success with the French pop group Tahiti 80, whose debut album Puzzle was a critical and commercial hit around the world, particularly in Japan, where it went gold. This success in Asia led to numerous subsequent production and songwriting offers for Chase, including work with Japanese megastar Chara and several other artists, all of whom recorded songs that Chase had specifically written and produced for them.

Chase also co-owned Stratosphere Sound recording studio in NYC with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha and Ivy band mate (also in Fountains Of Wayne) Adam Schlesinger. Stratosphere quickly became one of the premier “go to” studios in NYC, attracting bands like Depeche Mode, REM, Ryan Adams, Kanye West, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

In 2003 Chase created Unfiltered Records - a label oriented around releasing his own circle of projects. Re releasing the Ivy back catalogue (now in demand due to heavy exposure from all the TV and film placements) and putting out Brookville’s debut album “Wonderfully Nothing” saw the first bit of activity for the label. Followed by “This Is Where We Live” by Paco (side project of Ivy’s singer Dominique Durand) in 2004 and then a second Brookville album “Life In The Shade” in 2005 the label continued to gain traction and began to carve a niche for itself in the very exclusive world of “moody indie pop”. In 2006 Chase signed Miami pop band The Postmarks and that quickly placed Unfiltered at the forefront of the music scene as the band shot to the top of the college radio chart, remaining in the Top 20 for over 5 weeks, and garnering praise in every major magazine in the country from Rolling Stone to Pitchfork. Chase soon followed that success by signing an exclusive deal joining forces with Warner Music Group's ILG. That partnership saw a succession of releases starting with The Postmarks excellent sophomore effort titled Memoirs From The End Of The World, NYC based Ukrainian singer Lana Mir's debut album “Lana Mir” (written and produced by Chase) and Brookville's third and final album "Broken Lights".

In 2009 Chase produced and mixed the Juliana Hatfield album “How To Walk Away”, her most critically acclaimed album to date. This was soon followed by production and mixing “In The Music” by Scottish pop legends Trashcan Sinatras. 

Most recently Chase produced and mixed Brazilian sensation Tiago Iorc's second album "Umbilical" and Chase can now be seen touring the country and on YouTube with his new band Camera2. (

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